Summer Blue - Group Show
21st July - 29th July 2016, PV: 20th July 6 - 9 pm
Bea Bonafini, Alex Gibbs, Neill Kidgell, David Schroeter and Faye Wei Wei

Summertime mixed with kind of blue, well at least that was how it emerged. Mixed up but sounding right. Cannot make my mind up with the way words slide around.
Sometimes moods do get mixed up. Mixed up and sliding around, not really a way of capturing a moment. Summer blue was a moment though, a moment slipping away like an uncompleted thought. Summers pass and are coloured by passing. They imprint, leave a trace like a kind of blue is a trace. I never heard of summer blue, but it rolled and was there. It names something, a coming together, well something like this. The show would congregate around colour, painterly touch, soft sensuous appearance, aesthetic warmth but also something beneath all of that running contrary. So mixed up without direct translation, something outside naming. That’s all. A subtraction and misrecognition. Text by: Jonathan Miles

At Lychee One
38-50 Pritchards road,
London E2 9BJ



Royal Academy Schools Show
23rd June - 3rd July 2016

Royal Academy Schools



Premiums Interim Projects
13th February - 11th March 2015

Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington Gardens



Fahrenheit 39 travels to Barcelona
20-24 April 2012

Mutuo—Centro de Arte
C/ Julià Portet 5



Fahrenheit 39 seconda edizione
24 - 25 - 26 Febbraio
Galleria d'arte Ninapì - Ravenna

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Un progetto realizzato da Ass Cult Strativari a cura di Emilio Macchia.